Holden Village

I served as the Crafts Coordinator at Holden Village from the summer of 2009 through the fall of 2010.  I coordinated and taught a year-round curriculum of craft classes for all ages, on subjects including basketry, bookbinding, weaving, knitting, crochet, spinning, sewing, and pottery.  I served as studio manager and technician for the pottery, weaving, and fibers studios and was the custodian for the crafts library.

Holden Village is a very special place.  A former copper mining town secluded in the Wenatchee National Forest, on the edge of the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area of Washington State, there is nowhere quite like this “unintentional community.”  Since 1962 it has functioned as both a spiritual retreat center and semi-permanent community for its staff who call it home.

My responsibilities there were both challenging and inspiring.  During the peak season, we offered classes to as many as three-hundred students per week.  In the winter, I was able to guide people through their craft inspirations through more detailed, intimate advising.  However many craft-skills I passed on, I know I learned just as much from the experience of teaching the wonderful souls who made the trek to my mountain home.

Here are some snapshots of my time there.

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