Old news and new work pants

Another exciting thing I’ve yet to catch y’all up on: I had the opportunity a few months ago to be promoted by a womens’ Carhartt blogger named Jennifer.  I was more than surprised when she reached out to me, as I’ve never been asked to model before (at 5’1″, it’s not something a girl really dreams of.)   I support the Carhartt company for keeping their HQ in Detroit, for employing local artists and designers, for manufacturing in the US, and for making a high-quality product.  I’m not one for promotion in general, but for these reasons I went on ahead with it.

Jennifer at Crafted in Carhartt seeks out women who do dirty work to be real-life models putting Carhartt’s sturdy clothing to use.  She intersperses posts on hard-working women around the country with DIY craft projects inspired by both the clothing and the women she meets.  It’s definitely more than a catalogue – it’s worth a read.  We had a fun couple of hours in my studio, Jennifer shooting me working and asking questions about ‘an artist’s life in Detroit.’

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I was able to keep the clothing I modeled for the shoot, and Jennifer was kind enough to link to my site in the post.  Confession: I’ve never actually purchased Carhartts new, though I’ve sworn by my second-hand pair of work-pants for years.  They are my favorite pants to fire kilns in – the pair of brown Carhartts I inherited from some Maverick up at Holden.  They’ve served me well, from protecting me from the sparks of welding classes in college, to layering up for the 6-feet of snow up in my North Cascadian Winter at Holden, and through two years of splitting and hauling firewood as apprentice.  I’ve patched that pair five times (with pink flowered fabric,) they’re well-loved and beautifully my own.   And now thanks to this media op, I have a new pair to earn more patches in.

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